Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Hie My Dearies, hru all...
The weather hasn't been very COOL these days, Yea! U know what I mean. I tried my very best not to complain & accept the heatiness, saying Thank You God. I'm still trying..well, still ..of course as I'm bathed in sweat.

And, my chocolate fudge is melting like anything, & I can't keep it right!!! *sigh* Never mind, Lord.
I don't ask for an air-conditioner in my kitchen...what, air-cond in the kitchen???
But, I could ask for a fan, right? Or else, my oven, used to bake my cakes will get baked itself. Poor thing! We're supposed to help each other, right?

OK, now, where was I..
I realised that my friends had some difficulties on commenting on my post(technical errors I would say!!!). I have looked into it & have made some 'repair work' & it seems fine now. Let me know if this happens again.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for your visit & support & for allowing me to be a part of you. *hugssssss*


applemint_jackie said...

Here a testing to prove.