Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Always Love You, Chocolate & Roses

Here's showing a Hearty Chocolate cake with roses, sprayed with Pink & Pearl Sheens, commissioned by En.Faizal for his beloved fiancee with special request, that is to send it to her to Parit. It was a great surprise for her, as she & her friends got so shocked & excited upon receiving this cake.

This cake has a story to tell, as I was informed of the wrong date. Imagine customer asking for cake when its due for another two more days. I went, "WHAT!!!!!!" Gosh!!! I tried my best, my extreme best, to help, rushed..started mixing at 7am, while rushing kid's to kindy, into the oven at 8am....several hrs later, cake came out perfect. Was about 12 noon, started to ice..then sprayed the flowers & arranged them...One lucky thing, I had made some roses earlier, for emergency cases, just as this, so it helped. But not sufficient though, had to make more. No time for the flowers to set, they came sliding down the wire...GOSH!!! Repair! Repair!
And believe me, when the recipient got the cake, it was 2.30pm...YAYYYYYY!!! I made it...

Not by my own, I give all glory & honour to my Father. Thank you, Lord. Couldn't have done it without You.
OH! not forgetting, my lovelies too...you're gems..Thank you so much for your helps..

Thank you so much Lord & thank you too En.Faizal. Hope you liked it.


Mari said...

Beautiful roses. I like the whole look of the cake. I am sure it must have taste wonderful.

Have a great afternoon :D

applemint_jackie said...

Thank you so so so much Mari. So kind of you to drop by & for your kind words. Yea, I believe it tasted wonderful... U have a great afternoon too..Its nite here. ZZZ..zzzZZZzzz...already. Good nite Mari.