Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hie all..what ya doing? Me simply dropped by to say hello, not to post pics. Today is actually a very busy day for a stay-at-home-mum of 3 Lovely Darlings & never ending chores, plus up with My So Loved Cakes.....I'll be flat. And does the list ever end? How I wish...
No matter how busy I am, with chores, I still brighten up when it comes to cakes...Enjoy doing what I love, with passion & care, ...and always got so so carried away..Hehehehehehe!

I have many 'Cake Friends' who share the same passion with me, starting here from Ipoh to all over the world. We hold each other during 'Cake' times and also 'Icing' times...
Here wishing all friends, those who knew me and also those who knew my neighbour, a very HAPPY WEEKEND & ALL THE BEST. To all my 'Cake Friends', wishing you HAPPY MORE CAKE-ing. May all your life filled with MORE & MORE Lovely cakes.

Not only from Applemint Cake Shop, no matter where are getting your cakes from, ...always remember that the cakes were made with full of passion & given tender, loving, care, to give you the Best. So that carries our Love to you.

Cheers. God Bless.


Mari's Cakes said...

Lovely post, and very true. We do bake with love. Thanks for your wishes and may you also have a wonderful and blessed weekend too.

applemint_jackie said...

hie Mari, thank you & have a lovely day.