Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mommy Dearest..

Indeed, they're. Can't describe their love, care, tender, effort....the list goes on..Here showing a cake made for a mum. For those who are wondering what's the tamil word in the cake meant, its 'Amma" which means Mum or Mother or Mama or Mummy..However, "You can call a rose by any name, but the smell is just the same."

To elaborate more on the cake...Moist Marbled Butter cake with Butter icing & fondant decorations. Before I forget,.....these colours were the customer's pick.
Enjoy the view..

Can you spot a difference?
And, ... 50... is the age of the mommy dearest. That was done last minute!! *whoops* Why? Because, I forgot!!!!! But at last, the customer was very delighted to see this cake, sent me sms after a short while, raving how good it tasted & everyone enjoyed it. Thank you, Mr. Customer. Glad to hear your feedback.

Thank U, Lord.


Mari's Cakes said...

Beautiful,,Jackie! You sure are blessed. I love the delicate flower application.

Have a blessed day.

applemint_jackie said...

Thank you Mari. I must improve my decorating skills, I must say. LOL. I think, all my cakes look alike.